I am totally getting fedup with Wimax...performance wise is just same as Celcom broadband..awful, lembap sungguh, nak upload gambar memang tak boleh. Like my fren said..just POTONG  and switch to Streamyx .. i need to think bout .. since i still got more than a year with that stupid obligation of the Wimax subscription's contract..Btw i'm not gonna nagg all the way bout this on my blog...Actually there r few things i want to share and a few photos i'd like to upload but unfortunately i cant make it..i guess i need to be more patience on this thing..later la saya upload.

I guess this blog is just like a diary to me but cant make it too personal..sumtimes  i really really really want to write and "shout" out sumthing inside my mind and my heart here but i cant do that though i can do that in actual.(pening tak tau ape saya tulis ni)..Just like other normal human being ,i also got my own hormon imbalance..ada masa my mood swing..in a second i can turn to be a very hot tempered person..the bad side of me..i also hate it..sumtime i'm in despair, agony,  feel stressfull, confusion...bla bla bla..tak tau lagi how to describe..sumtime i totally lost in myself..so pathetic..I guess no big issue bout this ..summore those feelings are just a normal kinda thing that most of people faced and experienced. 

Ada masa i need to be alone ,need privacy, need time for myself and just hibernate myself. Only 2 faces of these 2 persons could make myself happy all the way and they are my backbones ,give me strenght,happiness, to them takde barrier untuk saya show my unconditional love. They always keep me smiling tak kira dalam masa senang or susah.
Well..enough for today..see ya later with other topic.

image source:www.flickr.com


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