New Year is around the corner. Let's say gudbye to 2009 and a very warmth welcome to 2010. Got lots of memories, either gud, bad, sweet or bitter along 2009. Some of the memories I wish I could erase it but definately not.So just let it be and remained in my heart until I die.

Orait..any resolution for this coming new year?

Me?....As usual I dont have any or set any resolutions for every single year.
WHY?... ntah me if I set any kind of resolutions but then it will be meaningless if I takde effort pon nak try hard to get it or accomplish it. A person like me will always prefer to do things impromptu. Most of the time I dont have any plan. Not a good practice..I guess..But this is style..Yes I used to have a systematic kinda plan..but then semua hancur. I am not a very well managed person thou..but I tend to do things so fast and mostly on time..

Well for this coming 2010 I just hope that me and my family will be more happier, di limpahkan dengan rezeki yg banyak, more healthier and will  try to keep the family bond more stronger.

Semoga Allah selalu merahmati, melindungi dan meredhakan kami. Insyallah..

To all my frens, family and to all bloggers I wish u all .."Happy New Year"...


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