Just now i got a text message from my sister in Kuching saying  that my mom is bleeding and now she's in the hospital. Bleeding with too much blood and that worries me. I am so restless and worried at this moment until I can't hold myself from crying. I am very sensitive when it comes to family issue. I wish i'm in Kuching at this moment but i'm not... still stranded here in this hectic and burden city. Shit!!..Still thinking of going back on this weekend. Undecided yet...
I called my mom and she sounds fine .She said that her blood  flows like a river..OMG ..and because of that she needs to stay and admit in the hospital tonite for further check up. Previously my mom was diagnosed with cancer ..cervical cancer. It has been 2 years after she had undergo radiotherapy treatment..she's  ok . I just dont know what to say anymore in  here..and i'm just hoping that she will get better soon. I will always pray for her ..Insyaallah semua akan selamat semuanya. Semoga my mom panjang umur sihat selalu dan murah rezeki. Aminn..



he11me said...
January 21, 2010 at 10:36 AM

hope semuanya ok ye jude..mie doakan semoga mak jude cepat sembuh..

anyway..mie ada baca satu artikel dulu..perubatan cara islam dan disokong secara saintifik..tapi dah tak jumpa artikel tu..

bagi org yang kena kanser..digalakkan sangat2 untuk bangun sepertiga malam and solat malam etc tahjud, hajat, taubat..dll.

boleh rujuk ni

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